/ / LG TONE Free FN6 Review: Wireless Earbuds with UVnano Technology

LG TONE Free FN6 Review: Wireless Earbuds with UVnano Technology


LG TONE Free FN6 Highlights

  • UV Nano charging cradle
  • True Wireless Earbuds
  • Digital Signal Processing technology by Meridian
  • IPX4-rated water-resistant
  • 18-hour battery life

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Price in India

INR 24,990


LG OBS, Amazon India, Flipkart, all major offline retails stores

1 Line Summary: LG TONE Free FN6 are truly wireless earbuds with UVnano technology that kills 99.9% bacteria.

Nowadays. people are more concerned about their health and hygiene. Recognizing this awareness, LG Electronics has launched earbuds that are also hygiene conscious. The latest earbuds joining the LG TONE Free range come with a unique UVnano technology that can kill up to 99.9% of bacteria.
The latest LG TONE Free earbuds launched in India are HBS-FN6 & HBS-FN7. Both are truly wireless earbuds with UVnano charging cradle, Meridian-tuned sound quality, and ergonomic design. These are designed for people who are more hygiene conscious and focused on implementing a healthier lifestyle. In this post, let’s see what LG TONE Free FN6 has to offer.

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LG Tone Free FN7 charging cradle with UVnano germ kill

Top Features of LG TONE Free FN6

Charging Cradle with UVnano

The LG FN6 earbuds come with a unique and innovative UVnano charging cradle with ultraviolet light that sanitizes and eliminates 99.9% bacteria while charging the earbuds. This makes FN6 earbuds ideal for people who are worried about the hygiene of their audio devices or are prone to ear infections.

While the earbuds are charging, you can check their charging level & UVnano status by the LED lighting positioned on the top of the charger.

You must charge the earbuds for a minimum of 10 minutes to finish the UV exposure cycle that sanitizes the earbuds. That will get rid of the bacteria. However, don’t forget to give your earbuds an occasional scrubbing to free them of the debris buildup.

Audio Performance

HBS-FN6 from the latest LG TONE Free range feature technology from Meridian Audio. This helps in delivering clearer vocals and natural-sounding bass. You can use four presets or create your customized preset using the LG TONE Free app.

The available presets are Natural for a clean and balanced sound, Immersive for better three-dimensional performance, Bass Boost for extra power and depth in the sound, and Treble Boost to bring greater clarity to vocals. Besides these, you can also create two customized presets matching your preferences.

This app is available for Android and iOS devices. Using the app, you can adjust the volume, customize the touch controls, and lock the touchpads.


LG TONE Free FN6 earbuds as well as their cradle are compact devices with a simple design. They can fit in your palm and pocket easily. These earbuds come in Stylish Black and Modern White colour options.

The earbuds have an ergonomic design and fit snugly in the ear. Their design incorporates a head-centred weight distribution, silicone ear tips, and medical-grade ear gels with twist-fit Vortex Ribs. All these features help in fitting the earbuds snugly in the ears.

The Charging Case has a soft-touch finish that feels nice to hold and reduces the risk of it slipping from hands. The Case has a blue light that indicates that the earbuds are getting the sanitization treatment while the Case is shut. The top of the Charging Case has an LED . It indicates the charging status. The USB-C charging port is at the back of the Case. The earbuds also support wireless charging using a wireless Qi charger.

Phone Calls

FN6 earbuds deliver advanced call quality to users through built-in, high-performance microphones. LG outfitted each earbud with a dual-microphone system for clear vocal transmission. It relays the audio decently well. However, sometimes the background noise may cause a disturbance in the calls.


The earbuds are IPX4-rated water-resistant, which can keep them safe from sweat and rain. But as they are not waterproof, you still need to exercise caution while using them.


LG claims the battery of HBS-FN6 can last for 6 hours of playback on a single charge. The total battery life is up to 18 hours.

LG TONE Free FN6 price in India

LG FN6 earbuds are priced at INR 24,990 in India. They are available in Black and White colour options. You can purchase them from LG OBS (Online Brand Store), popular e-commerce platforms, and offline retail outlets.

LG TONE Free FN6 Review

  • The UVnano charging cradle is a unique feature
  • The earbuds look sleek and stylish
  • Their Charging Case is small and fits easily in the pocket. It also feels nice to hold.
  • The clarity of vocals is excellent
  • Some listeners may feel disappointed with the bass output
  • They are IPX4-rated water-resistant, which makes them more durable
  • The battery life is decent.
  • The price is competitive.
  • FN6 don’t have Active Noise Cancellation

Should you buy LG TONE Free HBS-FN6?

If you want premium quality earbuds by a reputed brand, then these earbuds are a good option. They are also great for people who worry about the hygiene of their earbuds or are prone to ear infections.

LG FN6 Specifications

Size – Earbud16.1 x 32.77 x 25.0 mm
Size – Charging Case54.6 x 54.6 x 27.5 mm
Battery Life18 hours (Earbuds + Case)
Battery – Earbuds55mAh x 2
Battery – Case390mAh
Battery Life5 hours (Talk) / 6 hours (Play)
Fast Charging5 minutes for 1 hour of play
ConnectivityBluetooth 5.0 (Single Device Connection), Bluetooth Audio Codec SBC / AAC
Speaker2-Layered Dynamic
Microphones2 Outer
CompatibilityAndroid / iOS
ColoursStylish Black / Modern White

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