Why did we start Headphones India?

Headphones India took birth in December 2020. We are not sure but it may very well be the result of the COVID-19 pandemic that locked us within homes and gave us the itch to do something new and fun.

This blog is managed by two sisters who love listening to music and are always on the hunt for good audio devices. Our aim in starting this blog is to help our readers find the best headphones at the best price. We hope to fill this blog with information about all popular audio devices available in the Indian market.

We always try to provide accurate details and judicious reviews of Headphones, Earphones, Earbuds, and Bluetooth Speakers. If you notice any mistake in our writing, you are welcome to inform us. But please don’t be cruel! We are only humans, and humans make mistakes.

Hoping to help you get the best headphones,

Team HI.

Headphones India Team:


Jyoti Arora is an avid blogger and author of several fiction/non-fiction books. She is constantly caught between her love for books and lust for gadgets. Besides Headphones India, Jyoti also manages a technology blog at technotreats.com & her personal blog at jyotiarora.com. Get in touch with Jyoti at:


Garima loves cooking foods and listening to music while she cooks. She owns more than a couple of headphones and hasn’t yet decided which she likes best. Besides Headphones India, Garima also manages a food blog at thisthatmore.blog. Check it out for delicious recipes. Get in touch with her at:

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